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Leather Bag


Custom-Made Leather Holster (Made-to-Order)


Leather Holster as seen on Peaky Blinders.

There are a few variations but we have listed only* (we’ll reach out to you and craft according to your requirements)

Product Details

  • Custom Made
  • Undetectable (within a jacket as well)
  • Nickel/Brass Hardware
  • Suede & English Leather
  • Comfortable (as made according to your measurements)



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Shoulder holsters mean a gun holster under your armpit. However, they have become a fashion statement more than a carrier for your gun. Wearing shoulder holsters has become a part of your outfit.

As leather products are a delicacy and not everyone knows or preserves these products well, there is little profit in selling these holsters. Unlike leather bags or wallets, these holsters are not hot-selling items. But since Thomas Shelby has been seen wearing it in Peaky Blinders, the show’s fame made it a selling point. Everyone who loves Tommy Shelby wants to have a shoulder holster just like him.


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Black, Tan


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