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If leather isn’t a mood, then what is?

Our craftsmen take pride in crafting with the most intricate means, which define a style statement for many.

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Craftsmanship has emerged from many little streets of our country, making it the epitome of versatility.

LeatherSmith deals in goods produced with full-grain and top-grain leather.

We are dedicated to our work and to the quality of the products so that you can feel confident with what you own.

What Do We Offer?


Leather Smith offers premium customization at an affordable cost!

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Wide Range Of Products

From equestrian accessories to sling bags & belts, we offer it all!


Informative guides to educate you about leather products & its care.

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Customers' Thoughts

I ordered a peaky blinders gun holster and was surprised to receive something so perfectly stitched!
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Zayn Walyon
Premium stuff at an economical cost!

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