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Peaky Blinders Gun Holster | Custom-Made Leather Holster

Shoulder holsters mean a gun holster under your armpit. However, they have become a fashion statement more than a carrier for your gun. Wearing shoulder holsters has become a part of your outfit. Initially, it was made to keep the gun close to your body. The gun is covered with your jacket or coat and is not seen. It should be easy to remove and put in the holster. Everyone here has watched Peaky Blinders and was obsessing over the famous Peaky Blinders Gun Holster worn by Tommy Shelby. The holster, like his character, was a super hit.

peaky blinders shoulder holster

Thomas Shelby’s shoulder holster is the word around everywhere. What was it about the holster which made it stand out? Almost everyone in the show has been carrying a gun and indefinitely a holster. This particular shoulder holster has a unique design, and you won’t get it in any store. So what do you do if you want it? Has it been made? This gun holster will grab your eye just like your man Shelby made you obsess.

Peaky Blinders Gun Holster | Leather & Custom Built

Unlike most Thomas Shelby movies, he looks dashing and rugged in the new Peaky Blinders season. Also, the holster gained such popularity and fame as it was noticeable in many peaky blinders episodes. Wearing shoulder holsters was a trend a long time ago, but we’re glad they are now back in style. The thing about leather holsters and overall leather products is their reliability. If this were being mass-produced and sold by some company, nobody would believe that pure leather is being used.

As leather products are a delicacy and not everyone knows or preserves these products well, there is little profit in selling these holsters. Unlike leather bags or wallets, these holsters are not a hot-selling items. But since Thomas Shelby has been seen wearing it in Peaky Blinders, the show’s fame made it a selling point. Everyone who loves Tommy Shelby wants to have a shoulder holster just like him.

Well, what is the use of owning a shoulder holster if you don’t own a gun? You can make plenty of benefits from a shoulder holster, which is further explained below. If you are a fan, who wants a shoulder holster just like him, then having it custom-made from us is your best bet.

Unlike etsy shops demanding $300 for a single unit, we aim to deliver quality at an affordable cost. Besides, we welcome retailers from all over the globe with an unmatched price. At Leather Smith, we build all types of custom made leather products (belts, suspenders, & more) at an economical cost.


There is nothing that can beat handmade leather products. If you are new to leather goods, you should know that handmade leather goods are more durable and customized according to your choice than mass-produced goods. There is a sense of personal touch to each product and everyone is one of its kind. Here are some of the features of the famous peaky blinders gun holster.

Leather Color: The leather color is supposed to be black but we are the makers and therefore, you can customize it in every way.

Materials used: The material used here would be nickel hardware, suede leather, and english leather — besides, this can be customized to any type of leather or material according to your wants.

Design: The design is unique as it is strapped closer to the armpit region and gives more definition to your shoulder after being worn. There is an adjustable buckle that can be adjusted according to your convenience.

Measurements: Another great advantage of made-to-order products is the freedom of sizes. You need to measure your chest and height measurements so that we can customize them for your fit. This holster will only be made for your comfort. This is not true with mass-produced leather holster goods where you need to choose a size bigger or smaller just to fit in. We make the holster to fit you.

Lining: It is fully lined with leather. There is no other faux lining being used in the Peaky Blinder shoulder holster.

Why Peaky Blinders Shoulder Holster?

We have a list of things to give you a better edge for using our gun holster.

  • It has a sense of personal touch as it is made to order. The holster will be made according to your convenience, making you feel special.
  • You can use it for keeping your stationery products like your pencils and pens.
holster tools
  • Besides its main purpose of keeping guns, It can also be used for keeping tools.
  • It is adjustable and can be worn for the whole day with comfort.

FAQs | Peaky Blinders Shoulder Holster

Is a Shoulder Holster Suitable for Concealed Carry?

If you are wearing a jacket, the shoulder holster is perfect for concealed carry. This is the best choice you can make in that segment.

What’s the Point of a Shoulder Holster?

The shoulder holster was primarily made for hanging the gun from the body but still keeping it close to the body. This makes it easy for us to remove the gun and place it again in the holster.

Do Shoulder Holsters Work?

A well-designed and well-fitted shoulder holster work perfectly and efficiently. They are suitable for all sorts of tools and handguns if you own one. They can hold heavy guns, making them the ideal holster.

Who Invented the Shoulder Holster?

Originally it was patented by F.R.Lewis in 1911. This rig became a ground for making many new types of shoulder holsters.

Closure | Peaky Blinders Gun Holster

The peaky blinders gun holster became famous overnight, but not many people are ready to custom make it for you. We have the provision and the freedom to make precisely the holster that you ask us to make. It will be according to your specifications and would be made to fit you. There is a uniqueness and personal touch to handmade leather goods which does not come in any other finishing. Having your favorite peaky blinders gun holster made from us will never give you a second thought.

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